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Private lessons serve a crucial function in the community. It’s important to drive defensively on Maine's roads, and a private lesson provides the one-on-one attention that students need before their road tests. They reinforce essential defensive driving skills, while allowing students to address their own concerns and practice their weakest skills.

A private lesson with a certified, state-approved driver education teacher starts by reviewing:

Private Driving Lesson Sign Up Form

Road Test Refresher

Do you need a refresher before your state driving test? When was the last time you parallel parked? What is the best way to complete the fifty-foot back up? I am nervous, am I doing it correctly? Sign up for a hour of private lessons to calm your fears. Do you need a car for the test? Ask about our two hour lesson. The first hour will be with our instructor and the second hour you can use our clean, safe, and reliable car for the state licence test.

Private Driving Lesson Sign Up Form

Senior Driver Evaluation

You hate to see your parents give up their freedom, but you worry about their driving and want them to be safe. A driving evaluation can help determine if reactions, mobility and cognition are sufficient for safe driving. Within reason, some deficiencies can be compensated for by enhancing driving skills. It may also be necessary to establish limitations (day time only, short distances, familiar destinations or a driving partner for example). Private lessons are also available to help them maintain their dignity and make the most of their driving skills.

When was the last time you read the Motorist Handbook for the State of Maine?

Some private lessons are focused on driving in inclement weather and the related skills of driving safely in difficult circumstances. We offer techniques to help each student feel confident — and competent — behind the wheel. In contrast to our competition, we have been offering private lessons to our students for more than thirty years. No other Maine driving school even comes close to either our experience or success.

The ultimate result is a self-assured student ready to approach driving with a new sense of control and reduced risk. We’re a small, local business, and care about our communities. We are the community resource for all driving matters.

We want to help restore an elderly woman’s self-reliance and self-confidence after a bad fall. We want to teach people with terrible road rage a better, more relaxed way. We want to help make life just a little easier for kids in group homes or foster care. And we want to make the roads safer for everyone.

The goal of Mullen's Driving School is to offer the community a proven resource for all related issues associated with driving safety. Our mission is to provide every opportunity for driving safety and success, and we are proud of our program's success. Choose The Driving School for a lifetime of safe driving.

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