The Driving School

The Driving school was built from the ground up to provide safe and fun driving instruction to students in the great state of Maine.

Our office manage is Robyn Sirios. She always greets a caller with a smile and an answer. She is charged with keeping the driving school in compliance with much of the state required paperwork.

The Instructors

"Driving is a tremendous responsibility, and I try to be very clear about that," Robert Mullen says. "What I want my students to realize is that not only could they kill themselves in the car; they could hurt, maim or kill someone else. And that's something they would carry with them for the rest of their lives."

That is the responsibility carried by all of our instructors. They are charged with creating a safe and fun environment to learn and practice the most dangerous thing many students have ever been exposed to.

Teacher Training

With so much riding on them, it's no wonder that Mullen selects his driving school teachers with great care. "We hire teachers, policemen, professional drivers - people who enjoy teaching new skills. I hire people who like to be helpful. They have to be safety-oriented and truly like what they do. They must be invested in the long-term."

After having met the State of Maine's requirements for becoming a driver education instructor, Mullen's Driving School provides extensive training beyond the courses, and tracks each individual's progress. Management works with the teachers constantly, always exposing them to new teaching techniques. Mullen is a demanding employer, and he's proud of it. "We have an extensive curriculum," he says. "We require high standards, from both our students and our teachers."

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