The Driving School

The Driving school was built from the ground up to provide safe and fun driving instruction to students in the great state of Maine.

Who we are

Teaching is Bob Mullen's passion. It's his love, it's his life, and it's what he does best. And he knows this. Mullen is uniquely qualified to teach drivers' education in Maine. Since he graduated from Keene State College in 1975, Mullen has earned two Master's Degrees from the University of Maine: one in Education and another in Industrial Education. He has also completed more than 20 courses relating to driver's education. In fact, his minor at Keene State was Driver and Traffic Safety, and he's been a licensed tractor-trailer driver since he was 18. But driver's education came first. Mullen began teaching kids to drive 44 years ago at Keene Driving School in New Hampshire. Mullen likes concrete learning, knowledge that's immediately useful. "Driving is not theory-based, it's reality-based," he says. "And - especially to teenagers - it's got an element of instant gratification."

Student Warranty

Mullen's Driving School is the only driver education course in the state of Maine that warranties its students. If a parent or guardian thinks their teen's knowledge of a particular aspect of driving is lacking, or if a recent student wants clarification on any point of the curriculum, we invite that student to take that class again, this time on us. The instructors employ many different teaching techniques and styles and the have an abundance of training materials available to them as they deem appropriate for each section of the curriculum. There is a fine line between reinforcing the seriousness of driving and making sure each student has fun, feels comfortable and remains interested & focused for the duration of the entire course. We have maintained that perfect balance with all of our graduates for decades.

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