The Driving School

The Driving school was built from the ground up to provide safe and fun driving instruction to students in the great state of Maine.

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The Driving School is located in Gardiner Area High School. 40 W. Hill St. Gardiner, Me. Class takes place in the ATM room Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 2:30- 5:30. Summer hours are from 9-11am on the same days.

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Class size is limited, so please sign up early!

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The Driving School is proud to offer the recently approved "How to Drive" AAA textbook. This book is relevant and relatable.

The student is required to purchase the book for the class. The cost is $20.

Three Purchase Options:

  • At The Driving School during the first class.
  • Buy How to Drive from AAA website.
  • At local AAA location.
  • The Driving school is designed "for a lifetime of safe driving". It is our belief that the skill of driving is a task that should be continiously improved. Books are to be taken home and absorbed. One book will help teach a family.

    for a Lifetime of Safe Driving | The Driving School